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Long story short

Aliado is a trusted advisor, management consultant and integrator to business in the areas of IT Security and Infrastructure. Based on proven excellence Aliado is the integrator of choice for a large range of global companies, with extensive expertise in Information Security Architecture, Managed Services, Professional Services, IT & IT Security Operations, and Risk Analysis, Management and Mitigation. Aliado is a leading supplier of talent to plan, design, implement and manage the most sophisticated & challenging IT Security Technologies. Aliado’s success is based on trust, sophisticated technical knowledge and an unwavering commitment to Customer Success.
Something extra to know about Aliado
Aliado (all.e.ah.doe) a Spanish word meaning Ally noun ; Allied adjective.

We have all the right tools and resources, let us Help You

Our Team

Aliado has allied with the right people, who have the right expertise to make a difference between a good organization and a great one.  Aliado has assembled a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to dramatically improving how we deploy and manage your IT resources.

Aliado is owned, staffed and guided by respected industry leaders, with decades of experience in IT Security and Global Management Consulting Services.

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3948 Legacy Drive, Suite 106
Plano, TX 75023-8300