Long story short

Aliado Solutions was founded in 2008 in Plano, TX providing clients with strategies and technology solutions focused on cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions.


Since then, we have partnered with leading technology companies and have grown into a global business management consulting organization with over 40 consultants in 7 countries.


Our global team of consultants have deep expertise in Cyber Security and Business Management Consulting across the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa with the ability to provide our clients 24 x 7 managed services and support.


We are dedicated to continuing to grow, retool our consultants and provide our clients with the best solutions that enable them to keep up with the ever-changing global business demands. 

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Our Values


Being relationship-driven is first and foremost at the core of who we are.  We understand that having the right relationships with clients, with partners and with our people is what makes great things happen!  Our focus is to add value to all our relationships and to develop win-win relationships through actionable joint efforts and demonstratable results.


Excellence is always the goal of what we do and what we strive for in all our efforts.  We are dedicated to delivering our services with excellence and producing high quality deliverables and solutions that build confidence and trust. We ensure successful project delivery by engaging our sponsors and providing the value and results they seek.

Growth Mindset & Grit

Having a growth mindset is at the foundation of how we think.  We focus on solutions that enable us to grow with our clients and our partners. We deal with problems by solving them.  We do not give up or make excuses when things go wrong.  We roll up our sleeves, make them right and do what needs to be done to ensure we stay committed to excellence.

Passionate & Committed

Without passion at work, there is no pleasure.  Work with no pleasure is just a job.  Our goal at Aliado is to continually build a team of passionate people committed to what we do.  When we are passionate and committed, everyone feels better and produces amazing results. Our passion is a form of joy we want everyone to tap into and bring to work!

Creative & Strategic

Being creative at work is about challenging the status quo, creatively solving issues and thinking through innovative strategies that shift our normal way of thinking.  It requires that we have patience, ask more questions, collaborate with the right people, and stay open to new ideas.  We believe when people use their creative minds, everyone flourishes.

Decided Heart

When all is said and done, we want to do everything with a decided heart.  A decided heart is one that is all-in and is in it to make it a win-win!

Our Team

Aliado has assembled a great team of highly skilled people with varying expertise to make a difference between a good organization and a great one.

Aliado is owned, staffed and guided by respected industry leaders, with decades of experience in IT Security and Global Management Consulting Services.

Aliado Solutions