Splunk Customer success PACKAGES

Support Packages to Help You Keep Your Splunk Platform Optimized  

In working with Splunk customers over the years,  we have observed that there are certain issues that continue to recur over and over again in customer’s Splunk environments.  We also see that many customers either do not have the internal expertise to keep their Splunk platform optimized or, in some cases, they do not , want to internally manage it.  However, like any technology platform or valuable equipment, regular maintenance and proper management is one of the critical success factors for adoption, performance and results.

As a result,  Aliado Solutions offers optimization packages to help customers ensure they are gaining the most value out of Splunk.

Our Optimization packages include the following services and are offered in three different packages: 


Platform Maintenance

  • Track the latest patches and upgrades
  • Review patch notes and new release notes to determine impact
  • Select and install approved patches and upgrades as needed
  • Ensure full and incremental system and log backups

On Call Support

  • Included is a bucket of hours for on-demand support
  • Expert advice can also be utilized as part of the allocated hours for on-demand support

Health Check Reviews

  • Conduct regularly scheduled  health checks against ongoing best-practices
  • Ensure issues are logged and prioritized as part of the performance tuning plan
  • Conduct annual value assessment and review results with leadership as part of the Status reporting process

Status Reviews

  • Prepare regular status reports
  • Conduct regularly scheduled  status meetings
  • Ensure alignment on expectations
  • Maintain a Status Reporting Dashboard


  • Review and maintain dashboards
  • Update and enhance existing dashboards as needed
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Recommend additional dashboards

Performance Tuning

  • Review environment and license requirements, capacity and needs
  • Perform regular reviews and performance monitoring and tuning of Search Heads, Indexers and Forewarders
  • Ensure data sources are sending and storing data per requirements
  • Search hygiene to reduce and optimize searches for high search workloads in Splunk Cloud and/or On Premise environments


  • Platform Maintenance– Semiannual
  • Health Check Reviews– Semiannual
  • Performance Tuning – Quarterly
  • Custom Dashboards – 2/month
  • Status Reviews – Quarterly
  • On-call Support – 1 hr/week @ set time


  • Platform Maintenance – Quarterly
  • Health Check Reviews – Quarterly
  • Performance Tuning – Monthly
  • Custom Dashboards – 5/month
  • Status Reviews – Bi-Weekly
  • On-call Support – 3 hrs/week @ set time


  • Platform Maintenance – Monthly
  • Health Check Reviews – Monthly
  • Performance Tuning – Weekly
  • Custom Dashboards – 10/month
  • Status Reviews – Weekly
  • On-call Support – 8 hrs/week @ set time (24×7 on call)

All of our Optimization Packages provide the same services but vary by the amount of support  in each.

Select the package that is right for you:

  • Determine the amount of support you need 
  • 1 year minimum packages
  • 2 years 10% discount
  • 3 years 20% discount

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