Splunk On-Demand & SOS Packs

Get Quick valuable help from our expert consultant without any long term commitment! 

At Aliado, we understand that customers sometimes have a need to just get some quick help or be able to reach out to a Splunk service partner to fix an urgent issue or to have the opportunity to get some occasional help on-demand for Splunk expertise.

As a result, we have packaged the following services to our Splunk customers to provide this requested support:

Need some quick help?

Get the benefit of our Splunk Expert Professionals to support you:

Fix an urgent issue

Ensure a peace of mind

No worries about long term commitments!



Our On-Demand packs are an option for customers who want to have hours on retainer for support and consulting services.

We have packaged our on-demand packs in the follwowing ways:

  • 8-hour pack – minimum pack
  • 40- hour pack
  • 200-hour pack

On-demand services are scheduled.

Our On-Demand packs start at Splunk Professional Services list price and are discounted for the 200-pack




Our SOS packs are designed for quick response times with urgent matters.

They are available in the following packs:

  • 4 hour packs
  • 8 hour packs
  • 40 hour packs

SOS packs have a response time of 24 hours. 

Our SOS packs are priced at a higher rate than our On-Demand packs because ot of the turnaround time and expert level needed. 


Contact us to learn more or for more information on  pricing.

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