Splunk Cloud Platform delivers the benefits of award-winning Splunk® Enterprise as a cloud-based service. Using Splunk Cloud Platform, you gain the functionality of Splunk Enterprise for collecting, searching, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing all of your real-time and historical machine data using a cloud service that is centrally and uniformly delivered by Splunk to its large number of cloud customers, from Fortune 100 companies to small and medium-size businesses. Unless otherwise noted in Release Notes, Splunk manages and updates the Splunk Cloud Platform service uniformly, so all customers of Splunk Cloud Platform receive the most current features and functionality.

Splunk Cloud Platform provides a complete suite of self-service capabilities for you to ingest data, customize data retention settings, customize user roles and centralized authentication, configure searches and dashboards, update your IP Allow List and perform app management. In addition, you can use the Cloud Monitoring Console (CMC) to holistically monitor the data consumption and health of your Splunk Cloud Platform environment. Finally, ensure your Operational Contacts are kept up-to-date; see Your maintenance responsibilities for more details.

Your subscription to the Splunk Cloud Platform service is workload-based and is sized for resource capacity. By exception, you may be on an ingest-based subscription that is sized for data volume ingested. For more information, see Subscription types.

This document describes the features, capabilities, limitations, and constraints of the Splunk Cloud Platform service and thier responsibilities to you as a Software as a Service provider. This document also notes your responsibilities as a subscriber to the service. Be sure to read the complete service description and the service terms and policies documents listed in the following section. If you have questions after reading any of this material,

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