Let Us Help You Get Started with Splunk:

As a Premier Splunk Professional Services Partner, we have a team of certified Splunk consultants to come in and help you evaluate, architect and deploy Splunk.

Our starter package includes bundled or stand-alone services to help you assess the use cases you would like to prioritize or the existing tools you want to replace with your Splunk implementation.  Our expert Splunk consultants can also help ensure your platform is architected, configured and deployed using best-practices.


  • Identify objectives, challenges and needs
  • Determine what policies, processes, and supporting  procedures are in place
  • Assess support model and skill sets
  • Identify tools, data sources and log collection needs
  • Determine and prioritize use cases
  • Develop a Value Success Road-map
  • Review and gain stakeholder agreement


  • Get started with Splunk in 3 days
  • Splunk Core or Splunk Cloud
  • 20GB licenses or less
  • Includes the following tasks:
    • Install and configure indexers, search heads, and forwarders
    • Build Basic Dashboards
    • Create baselines and alerts
    • Onboard data
  • 6 month discounted Optimization Package –  includes:  4 hrs support /week


  • For Enterprise customers
  • Splunk Core and Splunk Cloud implementations
  • Establish best practices and development standards
  • Determine best architecture for your deployment for on-prem, Splunk Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud
  • Determine Splunk storage and security model
  • Develop and execute deployment plan
  • Choice of discounted Optimization Package

Maximize the Value from Your Splunk Investment:

Now that you’ve implemented Splunk, the key is to continue to get value out of your investment.  Aliado has developed a set of ongoing services to help you ensure you are using your Splunk Platform in the most optimal ways, so you gain the benefits of its performance, risk mitigation, operational-efficiency and competitive advantage:





Your world is full of data that can be leveraged to your competitive advantage.  Splunk provides you with the most powerful tools to leverage that data, strengthen your security posture, manage your operations efficiently, and understand your customer behavior. It enables you to have a complete view of your entire organization’s systems, devices and interactions.  Learn how Splunk can help you gain competitive advantage with your data.

The State of Dark Data

Most organizations struggle to capitalize on the full potential of their data and haven’t realized the data their organization even possesses. Through greater strategic thinking, targeted technology investment, and more skills training, organizations can bring their dark data into the light to take full advantage of the next data revolution.

Building the Next Data Wave

The forces behind the data wave and the principles for data success behind the technology changes are taking place at a blistering pace. Your data should drive innovation and give you a competitive advantage. Learn the Five Forces behind the Next Data Wave to give you a head start in your planning for the next era of digital technologies.

Data to Everything

There’s no question that data is a valuable asset, but its value comes from the ability to act on it, not from merely having it. Learn how Splunk provides the right platform to process massive source-agnostic data sets and is flexible enough for any business group to use and connect your organizational data in real time settings.

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