Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) provides users with real-time, analytics-driven security and threat detection whether internal or external. It allows teams to build a framework and reduce security risks by coming up with a comprehensive strategy.

The following functions can be performed using Splunk ES:


Dashboards provide a visual aid in monitoring and interpreting data. You can add features to the dashboard that will function as indicators for security maintenance.

Rapid Action

Users can add alerts to the workflow ensuring that in case of a security breach or threat, the user will be immediately notified. You can also create methodologies and automate responses. It saves time to detect a threat that would otherwise be uselessly spent on investigating the breach.

Searching and Conducting Investigations

With Splunk Enterprise feature of Splunk Security, users can conduct investigations. The ad-hoc search features provide rapid search results. Users can view incidents by drilling down to the data captures and classify the security attack. Using this data, users can also gain insight into how devices on a network communicate.

Vulnerability Assessment

You can use Splunk ES to assess how well your security framework will perform in an attack whether internal or external. Using the vulnerability dashboard you can view the weak points in your firewalls.

Improve Security posture

Splunk ES comes with a library of widgets that can be integrated on the dashboard to provide you insights related to any security breach. Using this feature, you can view security breaches occurring by location, host and source.

Threat Intelligence

Splunk ES has the added benefit of providing users with several types of threat and security intelligence. The existing dashboards perform statistical analysis and help in identifying anomalies in data.

One of the main advantages of Splunk ES is that it allows security teams to optimize their operations, increase the visibility of infrastructure both virtual and physical. It also provides users with faster response times alongside an analytics-driven approach to security. This allows for early-on detection of security compromises.

Ultimately, this helps in making informed decisions.

The tools offered by Splunk ES allow users to respond to different types of threats.

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