Aliado offers different types of assessment services that provide executive management with clarity on where the risks, issues and gaps are in specific areas of the business. All our assessments utilize a methodical data gathering approach and relevant industry frameworks to ensure a comprehensive analysis is done against best-practices. The final deliverable includes a Findings Report that includes a list of issues, impacts and actionable recommendations.

risk assessments

Risk Assessments

Are you due for a risk assessment? Do you want a compliance review against your industry framework? Contact us to get a comprehensive risk assessment designed to help you clearly understand your risks and mitigation needs.

Health Checks

Health Checks

All technologies need regular reviews and ongoing tuning to keep working at optimal capacity.  Aliado offers health checks for specialty solutions like Imperva and Splunk and other security tools critical to an organization’s security posture.
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Penetration Testing

Aliado Solutions conducts penetration testing using a wide variety of tools and techniques to test for vulnerabilities. The tools and techniques used are consistent with industry trends. Contact us to discuss your penetration testing needs.

We also offer the following additional types of assessment services that provide clients with end-to-end services for all your requested assessments and needs.

Data Analytics Value Assessment

One of Aliado’s specialty assessment offerings is to help organizations understand the value they can get from their data to mitigate risk, be more operationally efficient and create competitive advantage.

To ensure transparency, we are a Splunk Premier Partner and specialize in helping customers leverage the value from their data using Splunk’s powerful platform.

If you are interested in learning more about how your data can provide you value through a data analytics platform, contact us to learn more about our Data Value Assessment Service.

Policy and Process Review

One of the keys to an organization’s success is to continually ensure that the policies and procedures are kept up to date and reflect how the organization is operating and evolving. When policies and processes are outdated, they put an organization at risk.

Policies and procedures are generally reviewed every one to three years, but become especially prone to risk with organizational changes, regulatory changes, incident or policy violations.

Aliado offers Policy and Process Reviews to determine:

  • Where your policies and procedures need to be updated
  • If they are implemented as intended
  • If they are effective in achieving the desired effect
  • If they are still relevant
  • If they are being properly maintained
  • If the existing repository and document version control process effectively maintains the latest versions 


The first step in a process improvement effort is to do a gap assessment to evaluate the current state and then define the future state in order to understand the gap.

Our approach is founded on best-practices and principles that include:

– Engaging stakeholders through interviews

– Gathering documentation and reviewing processes, workflows and examining any needed infrastructure and architectural requirements.

As part of our review and analysis we identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This providees us with the needed information to identify where there are gaps that need to be addressed to support an organization’s continued growth.

If you are seeking help determining any gaps in your organization, contact us to discuss how we can help you!


Aliado  offers a methodical and templated vendor evaluation process to help you determine the criteria needed for your decision making process when choosing between vendors. 

We provide you with a formalized approach that is objective and follows a best-practice methodology to help you make an objective decision based on the critical factors for your success.



Assessing the right security tools for your business can be a daunting task given the multitude of choices there are. 

The challenge for most companies is to seurity leaders is to better understand: 

  • Which ones have the best features
  • How well do they integrate with your existing tools
  • What are their strengths and similarities
  • What are their differences and weakenesses
  • Which existing tools to consolidate and how to best do it
  • How best can you use them to get the best results
  • Which are best for protection, detection and response
  • Which tolls can best be assessed through a POC

If you are seeking some help assessing what security tools to use  and need some consulting advice, contact us to learn more how we can help.


Our Vulnerability Assessment Service utilizes both automated scanning tools and a manual assessment to eliminate false positives.

As a result, we will provide you with visibility to the following:

  • weaknesses in your network
  • weaknesses in your applications
  • company security loop holes
  • all possible ways attackers can enter into your environment

Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our vulnerabiity assessment service.

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