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Welcome to the IBM Solutions page, brought to you by Aliado Solutions! As your trusted partner, we are excited to introduce a powerful suite of IBM products that will revolutionize your business. Let’s dive into the world of cutting-edge technology and explore why these solutions are essential for today’s dynamic market.


NS1: Elevating DNS Management

DNS (Domain Name System) is the backbone of the internet. It translates human-friendly domain names (like into IP addresses, ensuring seamless communication between servers, applications, and users. Reliable DNS management is critical for website availability, security, and performance.

NS1, an IBM solution, takes DNS to the next level:

  • Intelligent Traffic Steering: Optimize user experience by directing traffic based on real-time data.
  • Advanced Security: Protect against DDoS attacks and DNS vulnerabilities.
  • Global Scalability: Scale effortlessly as your business grows.
sev one

SevOne: Observability Redefined

In today’s complex IT landscape, observability is key. It goes beyond monitoring—it’s about understanding your systems deeply. SevOne provides end-to-end visibility:

  • Real-Time Insights: Monitor networks, applications, and infrastructure in real time.
  • Predictive Analytics: Identify issues before they impact users.
  • Multi-Cloud Support: Gain visibility across hybrid and multicloud environments.
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SANO: Network Automation for Agility

Manual network configuration is time-consuming and error prone. SANO streamlines network operations:

  • Automated Provisioning: Deploy and manage network services with ease.
  • Policy-Driven Changes: Ensure consistency and compliance.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: Accelerate service delivery.

RNA: Cloud Integration Unleashed

As businesses adopt cloud solutions, seamless integration becomes crucial. RNA simplifies the process:

  • Hybrid Cloud Connectivity: Connect on-premises systems with public and private clouds.
  • API Management: Securely expose and manage APIs.
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Respond to real-time events across your ecosystem.
hybrid cloud mesh

Hybrid Cloud Mesh: Bridging Clouds

The future is multicloud. Hybrid Cloud Mesh ensures:

  • Application-Centric Connectivity: Seamlessly connect applications across clouds and edge locations.
  • Operational Alignment: Bridge DevOps and CloudOps silos for efficient collaboration.
  • CI/CD Integration: Automate network changes as part of your application lifecycle.
qradar 1

QRadar: Big Data Security Intelligence

Security threats are evolving. QRadar analyzes massive data sets to:

  • Detect Threats: Identify anomalies and potential breaches.
  • Incident Response: Investigate incidents rapidly.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

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