If you are running a website, an application, or a service on the internet, you know how important it is to have a reliable, fast, and secure network. You also know how challenging it can be to manage your network across multiple clouds, regions, and providers. That’s why you need a smart and flexible solution that can optimize your network performance and resilience, while reducing your costs and complexity. That’s why you need authoritative DNS and DNS traffic steering.

What is an authoritative DNS?

Authoritative DNS is the final destination of a typical DNS query. It provides definitive answers to queries about domain names that are configured in its system. It does not query other servers, but rather has the original zone records for the domains it is responsible for. There are two types of authoritative DNS servers: primary and secondary. A primary DNS server stores the authoritative copies of all zone records, while a secondary DNS server is an exact replica of a primary server and receives updates via a DNS mechanism

What is DNS traffic steering?

DNS traffic steering is the process of dynamically directing traffic to the best-performing endpoint available, based on various criteria such as latency, availability, geography, cost, and user preferences. DNS traffic steering uses the power of DNS to make intelligent decisions about where to send traffic, based on real-time data and predefined policies. DNS traffic steering can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Improve user experience and satisfaction by reducing latency and delivering consistent performance
  • Enhance network reliability and resilience by avoiding outages and mitigating failures
  • Optimize network efficiency and cost by leveraging multiple clouds, regions, and providers
  • Increase network security and compliance by detecting and blocking malicious activities and enforcing policies

Why Aliado chose to partner with NS1 for premium DNS solutions

At Aliado Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions that enable them to keep up with the ever-changing global business demands. We are dedicated to delivering our services with excellence and producing high-quality deliverables and solutions that build confidence and trust. We are also passionate and committed to what we do, and we always aim for a win-win relationship with our clients and partners.

That’s why we chose to partner with NS1, an IBM company, for premium DNS solutions. NS1 is a leading provider of DNS and traffic steering solutions for websites, applications, and services. NS1’s DNS platform is fast, secure, feature-rich, and API-first, allowing customers to optimize their network performance, resilience, and cost. NS1 also offers dedicated DNS, DNS for China, and DNS insights as part of its product portfolio. NS1 was founded in 2011 and acquired by IBM in 2023

By partnering with NS1, we are able to offer our clients the following advantages:

  • Access to NS1’s global network of authoritative DNS servers, with massive capacity, lightning-fast response times, and fastest response times in mainland China
  • Ability to use NS1’s DNS traffic steering capabilities, with various filter chains and logic to customize traffic distribution based on user-defined criteria and policies
  • Visibility into NS1’s DNS insights, with a dashboard that provides data and analytics on DNS performance, issues, and anomalies, enabling faster troubleshooting and optimization
  • Integration with NS1’s API-first platform, with easy and flexible configuration, automation, and management of DNS records and traffic steering policies
  • Support from NS1’s customer service team, with excellent and timely assistance and guidance on any DNS-related questions or challenges

We are proud to be a trusted ally and a strategic partner of NS1, and we are confident that our partnership will bring value and results to our clients. If you are interested in learning more about how authoritative DNS and DNS traffic steering can boost your business performance, contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a demo, answer your questions, and show you how NS1’s premium DNS solutions can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s navigate the world of networking together!

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