Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of any business, and CISOs are tasked with making pivotal decisions regarding cyber-ROI and governance. Aliado Solutions and SimSpace have joined forces to offer a robust cybersecurity solution that empowers CISOs to make informed decisions. The partnership harnesses the power of SimSpace’s Stack Optimizer, an instrumental tool enabling evidence-based strategic decisions concerning cyber stack performance, adjustments, and ROI.

  • The Challenge: CISOs continually face the challenge of balancing business growth, brand protection, and security budget justification. SimSpace’s Stack Optimizer emerges as a game-changer, meeting these diverse demands while ensuring a production environment that’s perpetually prepared for evolving cyber threats.
  • The Solution: By facilitating the development of necessary team skills, the Stack Optimizer maximizes the ROI and efficacy of security stack investments. It delivers a high-fidelity, scalable simulation to validate and optimize cyber stacks. This tool empowers CISOs to test and fine-tune tools in specific environments, generating evidence-based data crucial for governance and cyber frameworks. Leveraging this insight, CISOs can make informed, data-driven decisions to fortify their cyber resilience.  It works by simulating a production environment and testing the effectiveness of different cybersecurity tools and systems against various cyber threats. It provides a detailed analysis of the performance of each tool and system, allowing CISOs to make informed decisions about which tools to use and how to optimize their cybersecurity stack.
  • The Partnership: In essence, the partnership between Aliado Solutions and SimSpace, fueled by the Stack Optimizer, champions CISOs in navigating cyber-ROI and governance decisions. This tool isn’t just about performance adjustments and ROI metrics; it’s a cornerstone empowering CISOs with the right data for smarter, more strategic cybersecurity choices.
  • Understanding Cybersecurity Jargon: Understanding cybersecurity jargon can be complex. Cyber stack performance refers to the effectiveness of a company’s cybersecurity tools against threats. ROI stands for return on investment, measuring the financial gain or loss generated by an investment compared to its cost. In cybersecurity, it helps evaluate investment effectiveness and justify resource allocation.

Stack Optimizer aids CISOs in making evidence-based strategic decisions about cyber stack performance, adjustments, and ROI. It offers scaled simulations to validate and optimize cyber stacks, allowing specific tool testing for tailored environments. This data-centric approach enables informed business and budget decisions for resilient cybersecurity.

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