In the digital age, security involves more than just protecting your physical building. Ensuring that your technology and digital information are secure is often at the forefront of a business owner’s mind. Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry is critical. In a field that uses a variety of IoT (internet of things) devices and handles valuable private patient information, it is essential that healthcare organizations take steps to secure their network. Taking the steps towards digital security means that you are protecting patient information and protecting the digital framework of your organization.

Stop Threats from Compromising Your System

Technology is an essential part of our everyday lives in the modern age. While some devices may function on their own, most are connected in some way to the internet or another network. These connections, if not properly secured, could lead to an entire network being compromised. In order to keep your IoT devices secure, it is critical to invest in a platform that will protect every device on the network. Investing in a platform like Medigate not only simplifies securing your digital network and the attached devices but also makes it easier to manage those devices and their data by putting them in one location. Using a reliable program like Medigate will help protect your system from existing and emerging malware once it has been integrated into your network. By constantly assessing the cybersecurity risks to your healthcare organization, business owners and staff can rest easy knowing their systems are protected.

Protect Patient and Device Data

Healthcare cybersecurity goes beyond just knowing that devices on the network are free of viruses. The healthcare field and the professionals in it are responsible for handling a wide variety of sensitive and confidential patient information. Hacking and data theft are an ever-growing threat to any business that stores information digitally; healthcare businesses are no exception. Developing a secure digital network is critical to protecting the information of patients, which is why investing in an organization’s digital security should be a top priority. Starting with a risk assessment can be a great way to learn where a network falls short and what the organization can do next to protect its patients better.

Converging Healthcare and Cybersecurity

Advances in technology have significantly improved what is possible in the healthcare industry, but they have also opened new possibilities to leave an organization vulnerable to digital threats. When it comes to cybersecurity for healthcare organizations, it is essential to establish a secure network to protect patients. At Aliado Solutions, we’re here to help ensure the process of securing your network and data is seamless and effective. By conducting a preliminary risk assessment and penetration test, we identify the vulnerable areas in your network and then offer and integrate the right solution to solve the problem. Find an ally in your digital security and discover how we can help protect your organization and patients. Take the first steps towards optimizing the cybersecurity of your healthcare organization and book your assessment today!

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