Balbix, the leader in cybersecurity posture automation, and Aliado, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm, today announced a partnership to help businesses comply with new SEC regulations.

The new SEC regulations, which took effect on August 1, 2023, require businesses to identify and disclose material cybersecurity incidents within four days. This is a significant change from the previous requirement, which allowed businesses up to 30 days to disclose incidents.

Balbix and Aliado will help businesses comply with the new SEC regulations by providing them with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that includes:

  • Automated asset identification and inventory
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning
  • Risk assessment and prioritization
  • Remediation planning and execution
  • Incident response and management

Balbix’s automated cybersecurity platform ingests data from businesses’ security and IT tools to provide them with a comprehensive view of their cybersecurity posture. This data is then used to identify and prioritize risks, automate remediation, and track progress over time.

Aliado’s cybersecurity consultants have deep experience helping businesses comply with regulations. They will work with businesses to understand their specific needs and develop a customized compliance plan.

Together, Balbix and Aliado can help businesses comply with the new SEC regulations and protect themselves from cyberattacks.

To learn more about how Balbix and Aliado can help your business comply with the new SEC regulations, please visit our website or contact us today.

Here are some additional benefits of the Aliado and Balbix partnership:

  • The partnership brings together Balbix’s leading cybersecurity posture automation platform with Aliado’s deep experience in cybersecurity consulting. This gives businesses a comprehensive solution that can help them comply with the new SEC regulations and protect themselves from cyberattacks.
  • The partnership offers businesses a cost-effective way to comply with the new SEC regulations. Balbix’s platform is subscription-based, so businesses only pay for the features they need.
  • The partnership is backed by two industry leaders. Balbix and Aliado are both well-respected companies with a proven track record of success.

If you are a business that needs to comply with the new SEC regulations, I encourage you to contact Balbix and Aliado today. We can help you develop a customized compliance plan and protect your business from cyberattacks.

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