Aliado provides advisory services from the Boardroom to the Data Center. Whether you require a risk assessment, policy review or Implementation and Integration of complex security tools. Aliado is your Ally in success.


One size does not fit all. Most clients’ security requirements are unique, changing as new threats emerge and your business grows. Aliado’s Cyber Security Group employs a pragmatic risk-based approach and provides the following services:

• Security status health checks

• Policy and procedure enhancements

• Vulnerability assessments

• Penetration testing

• Breach response planning

• On-demand Chief Information Security Officer services Assessments can be performed from an external or internal perspective and cover networks, web applications or mobile devices.

Our information security projects include two levels of feedback:

• Actionable, management and board-ready deliverables

• Technical recommendations and knowledge transfer

SECURITY CONSULTING SERVICES  See below for a downloadable (.pdf), this menu of services provides a brief description of the core service offerings. As each service opportunity is custom, a quote will be provided after Aliado has joined the Client (the end user) in a formal scope call.


Aliado has in-depth corporate experience positioning us to work with you in order to develop the overarching governance structure that ties your IT function into the business. IT Governance is defined as the process to ensure that the appropriate use of IT resources happens within your corporate structure. IT Governance is tasked with establishing processes and procedure to ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its business goals. Aliado has the skills and people to help you develop a structure that integrates IT Goals with business goals. Working with your business leaders, Aliado will facilitate your IT leadership to develop processes that address budget level, project selection, work prioritization and establishment of a set of metrics that let you run IT “like a busness”

Aliado’s IT Governance practice will help you to develop:

  • Processes that integrate funding to the businesses that requires IT support
  • Project approval and monitoring mechanisms that demonstrate how IT adds value to the business
  • Processes that link business users to the technical leader to ensure knowledge transfer and project success
  • A plan that aligns IT spending in a manner that allows you to migrate IT from a cost function to a competitive asset.  Companies such as Uber, Amazon, LL Beans and others have seen amazingly positive transformations by using this IT Governance Framework.

Managing IT as a business requires a set of Corporate Wide IT process and procedure that is dependent on the precondition of high quality, consistent definitions and cost efficient IT services.

The function of IT Service Management is focused on running IT as a business with emphasis on understanding customer needs, the services they require, understanding cost components of each IT service and above all a major focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

IT Service Management enables IT groups to understand the value chain in the entity the IT group is a piece of and how the work of IT contributes to and supports the customer and the end client. An IT Service Manager is a business manager with responsibility and accountability for costs, profit and loss for a service or series of service levels.

Aliado’s Advisory Services has the experience to identify and lead the implemention of service driven IT approach in your Enterprise. Aliado will lead you and your team through:

  • Identification of your key IT services
  • The creation of an IT Service Catalogue that presents your services to the customer
  • The development and approval of IT service costs
  • A Governance approach for each service
  • Development of a budget process that move funding responsibility for each service to it primary customer(s)

Aliado can help you develop a comprehensive risk management program that takes a  holistic approach to determining the effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, and gaps of the program you have in place.

Using our comprehensive diagnostic approach and through the use of industry security frameworks, and the level of your risk maturity and tolerance level, we will can help you implement a program that ensures strategic alignment with objectives, with best-practices clearly defined and effectively rolled out and socialized across the organization.  


A fundamental building block in evolving your IT Enterprise’s operation to a professionally managed function is the creation and periodic review of a Corporate IT Policy. IT Corporate Policy is a set of guiding principles and procedures by which a company will operate its IT activities. A Corporate IT Policy established a governance process which in turn develops processes, standards and defined   measures of IT performance.  

A Corporate IT Policy provides a framework to accompany, interpret, or provide guidance for implementing IT processes.  Corporate IT Policy is the glue that provides the relationships between IT guidelines and IT Procedures that document “how to” accomplish specific IT tasks or use IT services.

Aliado’s Advisory Services is staffed by CIOs and global IT technical leader who will

  • Develop a framework that links your organization to the goal developed by leadership
  • Assess your current processes and advises how to improve those processes
  • Integrate and amplify your current processes and procedures into a planned, measureable unit that delivers the services to enable a competitive advantage for the business
  • Recommends process to drive continuous improvement
  • Define the functional metrics that demonstrate the value of IT

An Information Security Policy outlines the responsibilities and expectations for security of information assets managed by an Enterprise (corporation, government entity, partnership etc.)

The controls described in an Aliado IT Security Policy are collectively designed to:  

  • Reflect the company’s business objectives
  • Prevent the unauthorized use of or access to our information systems
  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information

An Aliado IT Security Policy is guided by security requirements specific to the Enterprises operating environment, laws and regulations that are relevant to Enterprise and information security best practices.  These control requirements are documented and aligned with an internationally recognized industry standard for security, ISO 27002, Code of Practice for Information Security Management.

Aliado’s Advisory Team are experts in IT Security Policy creation and review.

We will:

  • Create an IT Security profile, driven by policies and standards so that you can demonstrate to your clients and regulators, so that your enterprise can be trusted and will protect the client’s data
  • Create an IT Security Policy that is customized to your environment and consistent with ISO standards
  • Create an IT Security Policy that can be adapted from the Board Room to you operational environment
  • Create an IT Security Policy that can be evolved into new critical area of IT involvement embracing IOT and Cloud environment
  • Develop a comprehensive set of metrics that measure the results of your IT Security efforts

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