Upcoming Webinar: Turning Your Contact Center Data into Action

Join us for an overview of the Contact Center Analytics (CCA) Proof of Value (POV) from Splunk. This is a crash course on how this free, 30-day POV is delivered and how your team can get started.

This guided CCA Proof of Value (POV) program will leverage our industry-leading monitoring solutions powered by machine learning in Splunk Cloud addressing specific use cases in your enterprise. Facilitated by Splunk experts, this Proof of Value exercise will:
● Quantify the business challenge and benefits
● Identify key use cases for your environment
● Implement necessary Splunk Apps and Add-Ons to satisfy the use cases Program Highlights
● Quantify the business value of highly efficient Splunk monitoring in your environment
● Provide monitoring and investigation using AIOps and machine learning
● Build a meaningful operational prototype that shows Splunk’s capabilities using your data 


“Please see the email below from our Trusted Delivery Partner, Aliado successfully completed the CISCO UCS work for McKesson/Regional West.  This was a long, stung-out engagement with many turns and client delays, but with Aliado’s involvement it was a tremendous success.”

Fidel F. – Large Technical Manufacturing Client

“Karl is such a valuable person to have on staff. He is always going above and beyond with helping me – and we get repeat business from the excellent feedback from his performance

Candice C. – Multi-National Manufacturing Client

John’s efforts put us in a position to work on deep hardware configuaration where traffic is flowing, lights on and dialed into the anue switch – OVERACHIEVED from a project standpoint and I commend John for making this happen”

– Tom W. – Multi-National Game Retailer (over 4500+ Location)

Thanks for the attached, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you and the team at Derivco cannot stop singing your praises. You have set the bar extremely high in terms of quality, standards, and delivery. Thank you again for everything. Looking forward to future engagements with you!

Kind Regards

– Enlin

Honestly Alex. You have done an amazing job. You made the impossible to I’m possible! It’s been a pleasure having you working on this account, and I am so sure you will work with more South African customers.

Thank you for your hard work and effort you made this project successful with Enlin! Teamwork makes the dream work.

– Faisal

Congratulations to Aliado Solutions for being named the 2019 Services Partner of the Year in EMEA. Splunk Partner Awards highlight outstanding partners like Aliado that deliver positive business outcomes and drive value for our EMEA (Europe, Middle East Asia) customers. Additionally, Aliado demonstrates a commitment to customer success and works in close collaboration with Splunk.”

~Aziz Benmalek, VP Global Partners, Splunk

Aliado Solutions, LLC was founded in Plano, Texas in 2008 with a mission to protect growing businesses and help them be more operational efficient and effective in managing their risk.  We provide world-class security consulting, advisory services, systems integration and enterprise managed services.

Aliado has always been focused on becoming a trusted advisor and dependable integrator for our partner firms, consistently deploying new critical infrastructure components on time with the highest level of quality in the industry. We’ve succeeded in becoming the integrator of choice for a large range of companies because of our extensive experience in Information Security Architecture, Network Architecture, IT Operations, Professional Services, Managed Services and Risk Analysis.

Our strong track record of success as a strategic partner and faithful ally (Aliado = Ally) has strengthened the trust that our clients have in us.
This trust is the foundation that has allowed us to build Aliado into a leading Global Management Consulting Services Provider.


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